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To cowork or not to cowork? That is the question. Whether or not to work from a coworking space is a tough question. It all depends entirely on you.

We all suffer from buyer apprehension before start the process of selecting a new office – location, price, storage, terms, legals, coworkers, neighbourhood and most importantly coffee sources.

But it never ceases to amaze me that most searchers of office space – such as new businesses or those relocating from serviced offices or fixed leases – seem to have a high level of anxiety and apprehension on getting the office selection 100% correct. This makes perfect sense if you are locking into a lease for 12-24 months or longer but with coworking the ability to have terms from a day, week, month, quarter and even trial days means that it is an extremely low risk purchase decision.

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The web has a great list of factors that you should consider when choosing a place.

Nathan Chan’s list on Foundr can be read here. His three main points on why to work in a coworking space are 1. that you can build your network, 2. that it won’t break the bank and 3. that you have all the talent at your fingertips.

Many other articles list closeness to home, price and the vibe but after seeing many businesses successfully use Independent Studios here in Prahran as a semi serviced office space the number one factor is “can I use my new office to dramatically improve my revenue”. If you answer yes, then it’s an easy choice to sign up for a month. If you answer no, to this question then you are probably better off where you are working from now.

My belief is that the only way to test this is to actually work out of the space for 10 minutes, 2 hours or whatever deal you can strike with the space.

So, if you are starting on the search process or are secured into a lease but are wondering whether a cowork space is right for your business you must have at the end of your checklist a mandatory action of ” I will work from this place tomorrow”. Nothing crystalises learning like experience.

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