The Benefits of Coworking

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What are the benefits of Coworking? We’ve got a lot of ideas.

The micro business community Flying Solo put up a great post regarding the benefits of coworking – especially when compared to working from home. Kevin Mallen makes 5 good points for making the move. Here is our interpretation of his five benefits of coworking: The first one is Motivation. Motivation comes when working around others. Makes sense. The second one is the Ability to Socialize and Share. Sharing is caring after all. And then of course there is the Generating of New Ideas. Working in a coworking space around other creatives is bound to spark some creative juices. The separation of Home and Life is a no-brainer when it comes to productive working. And finally we have Networking Opportunities. Sitting in an office with other professionals means networking galore.

We would suggest a sixth and possibly critical point – the Potential for Revenue Generation.  Approximately 30% of our members at Independent Studios are actively trading between each other. This is something we attempt to kick off but let them manage after this point.  When you scope out your next location ask about the sixth point. It may make all the difference to your business.

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